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People who opt for EL-Windows PDP when building or renovating a home today are making a future-safe decision because of the high quality that you'll be able to take part in, and enjoy for many years to come.



Windows made from UPVC profiles are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Resistant to most climatic and environmental influences, they have a long service life.



The choice of profile geometry, opening mechanism and window pane subdivision influences the individual character. With GEALAN profiles even unusual window shapes are possible.



Windows made from GEALAN multi-chamber profiles ensure that the heat stays in and the noise out. They provide security and comfort and produce an unmistakable living atmosphere.



To take account of different tastes and architectural styles, modern window technology can be realized not only in white but also in GEALAN-acrylcolor® or with a décor or wood-grain foil.

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Tilt and Turn Window
Tilt and Turn Window
Up close Profile
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Choose Quality

By choosing us, you are assuming comprehensive responsibility. High energy savings, timeless elegance, and long-lasting quality are the decisive factors. They increase the value of your property and create long-term comfort and stability for your family. It is a unique, universal system that is available in practically unlimited variations. It offers brand new design options for creating sustainable living space to people who are building or renovating their home, architects, and planners.

Tilt and Turn Window
Extruded in Germany, Manufactured in the USA.
Door Threshold
Lift and Slide Door
Liftg and Slide Door
Buying a House

Why an Upgrade is Always Worthwhile

Windows are an important part of every house. But we often underestimate just how important choosing the right window can be, and how much energy it can save. They don’t just bring light and heat into the home, they also play a major role in energy consumption, soundproofing as well as security.



Protection and security are basic human needs. Do you want to feel secure within your own four walls? Then don't leave anything to chance. Your motto should be "trust is good, but control is better".

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Passive House
T&T Windows
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